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    I am writing this to remind myself to put into practice what I know. I believed we created our own reality by our thoughts words and of course actions in the 70s: I taught would be witches how to manifest! Yet recently… Continue Reading “Magic”


My dad died 27th of May 2004 Lately  i have “felt” he was around. before I tell you about this I am including a tribute to my Dad from my daughter 12 years ago. “Dear Granddad, we miss you very much. You were so… Continue Reading “MY DAD”

Where’s The duck

  When my daughter’s paternal grandfather was alive he would ridicule me for my clairvoyance and say that there was nothing after death. He claimed that he knew this because he had died several times. I was running a psychic development group in 1991. … Continue Reading “Where’s The duck”


Three of these photos were taken with a non digital camera at a full moon ritual at Encounter Bay at the beginning of this century. The night the pictures were taken there was complete cloud cover so there was no moon light filtering through.… Continue Reading “Angels?”