There are so many wise and caring people that follow my blog or comment on Facebook:

I now believe there is hope that the ecological balance will be restored.

On my soap box about trees – again.

The son of the people who own the house next door (investment property) has been “chain sawing for weeks..

When walking this morning I noticed that he has removed all the trees that were on this property

next door –doesn’t actually show all the trees that were there

A neighbour (behind my house) aged in his late twenties  or early thirties; whose landlord had removed all the trees from the property said he would organise something to give me my privacy back.

When I said that trees are important:

He and his wife just gave me a blank look.

Our local council chops down trees for no apparent reason.

A tree directly across the road from me was chopped down: it wasn’t in the way of anything: Not even the footpath?

Three magpies sat on the footpath looking at a stump that was once their home.


The roads department often removes trees because these trees are supposedly obstruction the view of traffic.

i have often been told that “my” trees are a fire hazard and should be removed:

humans light fires:

trees don’t:

makes sense to me to remove the arsonists instead!

When I was in primary school in the fifties we celebrated Arbor Day  by planting trees because humans had realized how important trees are.

Arbor day still exists but it seems people are unaware of this?

Real-estate companies demolish heritage bush land and pay the fines knowing they will make heaps of money from property development.

And then there is “Trees for Life”

which a friend was instrumental in starting:

others took over and the organisation changed.

(Long a go a group of us (Pagans) went around the botanical gardens hugging trees — and doing Monty Python silly walks.)

I used to do bush care:

But I was expected to poison non indigenous plants and kill non indigenous animals.

I won’t use poison and I won’t kill.

“Trees For Life”  cut down trees that are not indigenous to the area:

These trees are indigenous to South Australia:

just not the specific area.

It seems to me that this organisation (as well as Greenpeace and Animal Liberation)

have become impotent bureaucracies

populated by mindless automatons trying to be trendy:  

this is a broad generalisation and I know that there are still people involved with these groups that care.

I realize that the multinationals are in control of both politicians and the media

reinforcing the concept that only humans and money matter.

I believe that we will change this “status quo”

I have been trying for an hour and half to load a video I recorded on the 4th of February when it started to rain.

I loaded it to Facebook on the 4th with no problems:

but WordPress says there is an error:

and have been unable to work out what the error is.

I have finally given up and I’ve recorded the birds from the video.

enjoy your day

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