When Television first came out in  the UK and later Australia some labelled it the ”idiot box”

When Karl Marx “said” ‘Religion is the opiate of the masses’:

There was no television:

Yet these last few years when pain and health issues force me to lie down and rest:

And arthritis and carpal tunnel inhibit my fine motor skills:

I watch DVDs or Netflix (or similar)

I have never watched a soapie or reality tv show in my life –they just don’t appeal to me.

Last century “Star Trek” aired after midnight – so I would have to tape it.

from The Light Works digital images

Shows that I really liked only lasted one or two seasons:



Terra Nova                 




Presumably because they were deemed not popular.

I do not believe the “test” audience for tv shows is an accurate example of the viewing audience:

Like when Feud labelled all women as neurotic and having penis envy:

 His tests subjects were 12 middle class Jewish women.

People that agree to be part of a tv survey or “test” audience have a certain type of mentality:

This isn’t meant as an insult.

I have bought all of “Star Trek original”:

“Next Generation“:


and some of “Deep Space Nine“:

as well as all the movies including the newer ones starring Chris PIne – on DVD:

Yes I am a trekkie from way back:

I have bought Firefly

and Terra Nova:

But one show that I liked staring John Corbett –“The Visitor”

Aired 1997-1998

I cannot find the DVD anywhere?

Have a great day

and be kind and respectful to “non humans”

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