My youngest granddaughter in the Coorong

I once had a Pollyanna outlook on life but in my old age I started to believe that the human plague will make all life extinct

I am changing my outlook

There appears to be more original thinkers amongst the younger generation

the Millennials

 More are sensitive and caring

 re  other life forms and the ecology.

Respectful of other races  and cultures

and sexual preferences

Still my generation

Baby Boomers/ Flower Power

 deserve the credit for implementing changes:

 in women’s rights

racial prejudice

sexual preferences

 and bringing attention to the ecology

 and animals rights

And in our day people who didn’t conform to the status quo would have been locked in mental institutions.

Despite all the negative information the media feeds us about covid 19 my personal experience has been one of thoughtful people helping others.

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

I took this last century on Kangaroo Island

One Comment on “HOPE

  1. That’s pretty deep –
    I didn’t realize until just now that there was a name for this. Whoa – – is/its me! LoLz
    Sounds like me alright.

    Knowing that there is power in spells and that spoken word is critical but… (I know it sounds odd) I prefer to say “bmoreu” instead of “bless you”.
    It’s said so much more in my house by the wife and I – especially when one sneezes. It turns heads out in public too.

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