I left the UK in 1952:

I was two:

I turned three while aboard ship on the way to South Australia.

I believe that I just communicated with my maternal Grandmother who was called “Mother Gaskell”

I have asked her to prove it is really her even though I am sure it wasn’t my imagination. *

There is no reason for me to wish to connect with someone that I don’t remember.

I don’t even have a photo of her.

I have one of me, taken in Northfield South Australia.

Me with Christy – I think that I was three
  • A few years ago I was “getting” my Dad (deceased) quite often:

I said to him “How do I know that this isn’t just wishful thinking! If it is really you, communicate via someone else.”  

     A few weeks later I received the following message in Facebook messages:


“Hi Kate, just wondering if it’s your dads birthday or anniversary or something ???????????????? He’s popped into my head for about 4 days in a row, he was looking in your front door giving a little wave with a smile. Weird , at odd times and I wasn’t even trying, busy doing things and there he was. Thought I’d wait to see if I got a message for you but nothing today, he looked happy and as I said he was smiling………..hope this makes your day x”      END QUOTE

Brindle and Matthew

The communication with my grandmother was concepts and pictures:

Clairaudience usually “comes at me” too fast for me to decipher.

Mother Gaskell told me that she is with me, to help.

Even if it is just placebo effect my anxiety isn’t as bad as it was.

I started isolating before my age group were told to:

Although we no longer have these restrictions in S A I am having trouble pushing through a panic attack to leave the house.

(I have had to push through panic to go anywhere for as long as I can remember)

From my grandmother:

Out of all her grandchildren she and I connected and I made her happy.

this was a visual:

She was bed ridden:

I was on the bed

a toddler

making her laugh

Mother Gaskell thought that my mothers attitudes were because she was Welsh and Irish?

 Her sisters brought her up:

So she understands why Ada wanted to be the centre of attention.

Not impressed that she told lies at my expense and my Dad’s expense  to get this attention.

Understands the physical abuse or most of it:

It was acceptable back then.

But shoving me in to the wood burning part of the wood stove when lit was

not acceptable.

(Mother Gaskell had ten children three boys and seven girls.

I have no idea how many grandchildren.

My mother was second to youngest.)

Blessed be and be kind

to humans

and non humans

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