I have been told that clairvoyants are charging on average $200 per hour:

I also know that in our culture if something is expensive it is considered good and inexpensive no good.

Cheap is used as an insult

The opposite is often true

I have been giving clairvoyant readings since 1978:

I almost always get feed back:

My future predictions have not always been correct:

Either I misinterpreted what I was getting or the “future” changed?

But I have had numerous phone calls (over the years) from people who didn’t believe me when I predicted something and then it happened exactly as I had said.

I have also had feed back about expensive clairvoyants some (not all) are not genuine and basically a con.

Gives the genuine clairvoyants a bad name.

My favourite is communicating with people that have “passed over”.

this art work was by Chris Parmenter

I started consciously “seeing” ‘people that had “passed over” in the seventies and we were most definitely the lunatic fringe back then:

along with people that cared about the environment and animals.                   

In the 1970’s I was fortunate in getting into a group run by a Spiritualist lady Stella.

Stella was not only an amazing clairvoyant she advocated our being ethical.

One thing she told us was never to tell someone something bad in their future (unless we could tell them how to avoid this) because the person could make it happen (nocebo) and we could be wrong.

In 1978 my Dad told me he was a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant– understandable that he didn’t say anything sooner:

There was such a stigma  back then.

 The Protestant ethic  of money being all that matters is causing the extinction of all life on this planet.

I was obviously born into the wrong culture because I have always believed that everything that exists deserves respect.

In our culture humans are the only species that matters: has intelligence or feelings.

Cultural norms force killing other lifeforms because they are labelled pests or vermin

Or chopping down trees and replacing them with concrete or bitumen etc.

Drug companies and the meat industry horrify me.

Surving death has nothing to do with a God concept:

I “asked” this question of my guides— or whomever it is when I am communicating clairvoyantly

I was “asked”  “Can you conceptualize no linear time

When I answered NO

I was told “they” couldn’t explain

For anyone that has read this far I am offering an email reading or Skype reading at half price:

$50 Australian

I am able to accept overseas clients:

I just send you an invoice from PayPal.

Send a recent photo of yourself to katallen1949@hotmail.com

or call me on Skype ceridwen2

I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.

And usually see part of your aura.

Time and space are not as we perceive them to be.

My first husband made these for me in 1980

blessed be

and be kind to non humans

I took this last century on Kangaroo iIsland

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