from Health Museum of South Australia

I was telling this story to my naturopath yesterday when he said chromium helped with depression:

Last century I was “specialling” (as in looking after one on one) a lady who had been diagnosed manic depressive – now called bipolar:

She would try to throw herself in front of cars on a very busy main road:

It turned out that she was diabetic and once treated for this no more mania and depression.

Most people know that sugar affects moods but thought that this extreme case was worth a blog.

Before the pandemic I noticed that staff in our local supermarket wasn’t well and guessed hypoglycaemic:

She apparently has diabetes – insulin dependent.

She ended up going home and then to hospital.

Next time she saw me she credited my knowing she wasn’t well to my clairvoyance but I told her  –  ex nurse — nurses are observant.

At least nurses, doctors and medical staff are getting the appreciation that they deserve in this pandemic.

blessed be

and be kind to non humans

taken on Kangaroo Island last century
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