At the beginning of this century we were celebrating an Esbat  (full moon ritual) at Encounter Bay Victor Harbour  South Australia:

There was complete cloud cover:

We couldn’t see the moon:

The only light was the candles:

Part of the ritual is the “spiral dance”/ the cone of power

After I had “closed the circle” I decided to use up the film in my non-digital camera:

This camera didn’t have a flash:

So I just clicked in front of where I was sitting on the grass.

I put the film in to be developed:

When I  collected the photos and saw these “lights” I thought it a camera fault:

I was going to throw them out:

But they are not a camera fault!

this picture is of a visitor — we were on a friends property

I “see” angels as white light:

and I invoke the archangels when casting the circle.

Decided to ad this extra trivia—

The person pictured wearing the red cord is a male witch and second degree initiate:

I wear a blue cord to signify that I am third degree and high priestess:

When I was training  or working, coven members would kneel and bow:


I have never been into the oneupmanship status stuff 😛

I was told this century that nowadays high priestesses demand people bow to them:

Seriously ☹

More trivia:

I am in this book– published in the 1980’s

Blessed be

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