THE FIRST PAGE OF MY BOOK OF SHADOWS -as I was first initiated in 1983 it is very old

Tomorrow is Mid Winter here -Yule –

and Mid Summer  -Litha-  in the northern hemisphere.


The Wheel Of The Year: pagan festivals celebrating the seasons:

 solstices and equinoxes.

When the Romans and Christianity took over they could not get rid of these festivals:

So every church festival was originally a pagan one.

FYI – pagan means village dweller.

Wicca means wise –or to bend

Heathen means dweller on the heath.

The concept that we are evil came from the “Inquisition”:

(This is where the Satanists got there ideas — so if you are interested in Wicca trust your gut)

Our rituals are similar to American Indian rituals:

Or at least the one I was involved in which was Sioux tradition.

We dance and chant to raise power.


Anyone who has read my other blogs will know that I will literally not harm a fly

or any other creature

Blessed Yule

to those “down under”

Blessed Litha

to those in the northern hemisphere

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