My Dad and his two best friends ( in the UK) before he moved to South Australia.

Several  years ago now my youngest granddaughter (who has been teaching in the UK for a couple of years ) asked me how we survived before television.

We played in the street:

Went for long walks, exploring:

It was safe for children in South Australia back then:

And we had sing alongs often.

Karaoke isn’t the same:

But musos having a “jam” session would be similar:

My Dad and his brother (who grew up on there parents farm in Yorkshire)

Would sing old war songs:


They would also Recite “Albert and the Lion”

This is Stanley Holloways version

Uncle Teddy (Edward) and Aunty Nora

Apologies for the “flash” –I have several scanners but none compatible with this laptop –so photographed the photograph.

Dad had such a dry sense of humour:

I would have to tell people that  he was joking.

I love his funny sayings—only sharing a couple:

You’re not very often right

 but you’re wrong this time”

Why worry

If you worry you die

If you don’t worry you die

So why worry”

Stay safe and happy during this pandemic

Blessed be

my son: my dog: me and Dad early this century

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  1. Hahaha I live right next to Blackpool, I used to live there. It’s in the song Albert and the Lion.

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