Because people are  self isolating due covid 19

I thought that these classes may be something to do via messenger Skype or  face time:

Since first writing this I doubt that all the exercises would be doable using a group Skype call or similar. 

The meditations would be OK –  Who ever chooses to be “teacher” can talk the others through these.

In my previous posts there is one entitled “A Meditation”and it is a recording of the Creative Consciousness meditation — the  group could use this.

In the following book I hope to help those who wish to develop their clairvoyant abilities.

In “The Clairvoyant Experiences Of A Sceptic” I told a few of my clairvoyant experiences.

Listening to others similar stories made me realize that

it is so much better if you can have these experiences first hand.


Not a literary masterpiece but a true story.

And there are so many amazing stories omitted so as not to break client confidentiality.

The second part I wrote as therapy and had not intended to include.

It wasn’t included in the original l publication


I wrote and published this sci fi short story a few years ago when the human population was only 7.4 billion:

It is now more than 7.7 billion.

Our cultural norms and the Protestant Ethic are causing the extinction of all life


I thought that I would quote a few lines  from this short story:

(Kunnapip teased Arawn re communicating with the humans

‘They won’t take any notice of you!

You’re not humanoid: And you don’t speak!

So you are of no consequence’

 “Oh they will take notice of me:

They will “hear words” and think I am speaking)

I chose the name Kunnapipi as she is an Indigenous Australian mother goddess:

But this story is not about the “real” Kunnapipi.


Blessed be


and be kind to non human life


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