I posted this on FB yesterday

I thought that by sharing people may copy  this kindness.

Although am saying Aussies it is really a “country town “mentality.

When I was growing up the population of the whole Australia was 9 million

The photo is my children with their paternal grandparents decades ago.

Re Aussies helping one another:

Their Dad would say about his Dad –

“He would give away his arsehole and shit through his ribs”

Barney Kerry Brad & Fran

Facebook post =


I got up at 6 but walked dog first and got to the shops later than I expected.

I haven’t bought toilet paper since the panic started because I had toilet paper:

I went into Foodland first to get my favourite ground coffee and some one said Woolies had toilet paper:

so I took my shopping to car and went into Woollies –

I cannot move fast even leaning on a trolley (which I wiped with my own wipes):

and there was no toilet paper left:

as I walked back to my car the lady I spoke to in Foodland yelled out

“Did you get some?”

and when I said no she offered me two rolls:

I accepted one.”


Because I am not in a financial position to help others with finances or food I am offering to pick a rune (and interpret) free  for anyone who requests this –

There is a waiting list:

I have had so many requests already:

but the offer applies to anyone reading WordPress:

Just email me

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


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