Human Kindness

The first story I posted on FB on Friday:

The second happened this morning:

“There are still a few true Aussies left 😀 I got up at 6 but walked the dog first and got to the shops later than I expected. I haven’t bought  toilet paper since the panic started because I had toilet paper: I went into Foodland first to get my favourite ground coffee and some one said Woolies had toilet paper: so I took my shopping  to the  car and went into Woollies – I cannot move fast even leaning on a trolley (which I wiped with my own wipes): and there was no toilet paper left: as I walked back to my car

the lady  I spoke to in Foodland yelled out “Did you get some?” and when I said no she offered me two rolls:

I accepted one 😀   ”


“Yippee MY FIRST PACKET OF TOILET PAPER SINCE THE PANIC STARTED: Got to Woollies at 6-48am  (wearing disposable gloves)

Once the doors open I am unable to move fast BUT as I was still heading to the back of the store where the toilet paper shelves are a lady walking toward me handed me a packet: Not someone I know – she said that she had seen me queuing yesterday: People are so kind I am in tears”


I “asked” (clairvoyantly) when the worst would be over:

The answer was “May” — After 40 years of doing readings I am aware that I get the right month but the wrong year — so presume not this May — Hopefully May 2021

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans —

and to copy Ellen ( whom I admire) — be kind to one another.


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