Before the industrial revolution ones  status went up with ones age— which makes me very important    AG00317_

I don’t  believe in karma – but would love it to be so.

I do believe in cause and effect.

The media has always fed us horror stories — some one commented to me yesterday “No news is good news”


There are so many caring people and so much beauty and joy on Mother earth. If more was made of this; then this would increase.


From both a magical, sociological and psychological view point continually “reporting” violence and trauma increases same.

The majority of the bush fires were deliberately lit.

The young person who started the bush fires in NSW last year wasn’t punished and copied by ten more teenagers who lit fires in Queensland.

I try to avoid the media but people tell me what is happening

Someone told me that the couple that lit the Kangaroo Island fires go around lighting fires for fun.

I turned on the tele this morning and there are more bush fires: so I turned it off.

My son says I am an ostrich but I don’t wont my fear thoughts to empower this.

The late Louise Hay and other “new age gurus” advise against saying things we don’t want to manifest –  like “kill two birds  with one stone” ( I delete this!)

In Marion Weinstein’s Positive Magic she advises that when we say something that we don’t want to manifest – say “Take this out of the Law (of cause and effect)

I have started saying “Delete”

Marion Weinstein also suggested that when we see or hear crime, car accidents: and in my case, bush fires and other life forms becoming extinct: on the media to say “take this out of the Law”.

In manifesting – intent matters and emotions empower:

The media has been feeding us trauma and crime for as long as I remember, but I believe if there are millions of us removing same from the “law  of cause and effect” it will diminish the chances of these events continuing.

Even if you don’t believe this, it is worth a try.

When you see or hear about humans disrespecting other life forms and the ecology (in the media) say –“ Take out  of the Law” or “delete”

Thankyou to all the beautiful people that care about other life forms

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


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