Electromagnetic Waves

I googled electromagnetic waves but am no wiser:

“Definition of ‘Electromagnetic Waves’ Definition: Electromagnetic waves or EM waves are waves that are created as a result of vibrations between an electric field and a magnetic field. In other words, EM waves are composed of oscillating magnetic and electric fields.”

If anyone would like to explain what they are or theorise on how they can  be used — even for a sci fi story. I would be interested in your comment.

We were talking about the old TV series Stargate today:

It reminded me of an absolutely true story. ——————



The Spiritualists work with guides and these guides  are more than just imagination or thought forms.

Other people have described the same guide that I saw without my saying anything.

I don’t know if they are us in another incarnation or just chose to help us.

I believe either may apply.

With my clairvoyance everything flashes in a fraction of a second;



and even concepts.

I just presume we are “out of phase.

The guide I have been aware of since I started with the Spiritualist groups has given me proof of who he is.

As well as taking me on astral journeys with him in his life time.

In one we were in an Egyptian reed canoe. (Which I later checked in the library because my idea of Egypt came from the movie “Cleopatra” and I was expecting lavish barges.)

I brought myself out of this “astral journey?” because it was too violent for me.               We were in a battle zone.

Back in the seventies pyramid power was a fad.

I asked my guide who is a Nubian Egyptian about pyramids.

He told me that “pyramids refract electromagnetic waves as a prism refracts light.”

I had no idea what electromagnetic waves were and in the nineteen seventies it was difficult to find information.

I eventually l found a page in an encyclopedia which “said” even less  than the info that I googled.

So why would one want to refract electromagnetic waves?

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


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