My sincere apologies when I re posted the psychic development blog I had intended to blog a season each week  as I had previously.

It was suggested I make these classes a book:

– which I have done-

E book only –

and Amazon terms and conditions are —

that it isn’t anywhere else digitally.

So I have deleted all the sessions that were my blog posts


There is a book promotion from the 15th March to the 20th

when it will be available for $1.99

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans







Email readings are half price:

$30(Australian) for the month of February

As I will be seventeen again this month (71 backward)

These are genuine clairvoyant readings hence I require a photo of you as I am reading you and anyone who has passed over around you.

I also use runes for divination and will include a photo of the runes that I picked for you

Email  me at



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