From both a magical and sociological view point continually “reporting” violence and trauma increases same.


In Marion Weinstein’s Positive Magic she advises that when we say something that we don’t want to manifest – say “Take this out of the Law “(of cause and effect)


I have started saying “Delete”


Marion Weinstein also suggests that when we see or hear crime, car accidents: and in my case, bush fires and other life forms becoming extinct: on the media to say “take this out of the Law”.


In manifesting – intent matters and emotions empower:


The media has been feeding us trauma and crime for as long as I remember, but I believe if there are millions of us removing same from the “law  of cause and effect” it will diminish the chances of these events continuing.


Even if you don’t believe this, it is worth a try.                image006 image006 image006


When you see or hear about humans disrespecting other life forms and the ecology say –“ Take out  of the Law” or “delete”


Do what you can in the microcosm to help.

Grow trees and plants:

Feed the birds  — there isn’t enough food for them to find their own.

Remove birds animals reptiles from the road:

often they are just stunned but then get run over again and again.

Locally I saw a man stopping traffic to let a sleepy lizard cross the road

Don’t use poisons:


Please join me in sending healing to all the flora and fauna


In April 2018 a few of us started sending healing to the flora fauna and the ecology:

I am still doing this!


Please join in sending healing or praying:


Initially I asked e everyone to send at 2000 hours South Australian time:

but if you just send once a day at any time, that is great.

Time and space are not as we perceive them to be.


Blessed be

and be kind to non humans




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