I published this title in December but since then the bush fire situation has me in tears.


I put the following on Facebook:

“Re the bush fires —-if you, like me, feel frustrated because you think there is nothing you can do –please pray or ask for rain.

If you have religious beliefs pray to God.

I ask the elementals nature spirits and angels.

In magic intention is what matters, so just go around singing — “Its raining its pouring the old mans snoring” – or something similar — Even if you think this is silly — there is no harm done by trying.

From both a magical and sociological view point continually “reporting” violence,  trauma and bush fires increases same.

(Also when the first little arsonist got away scot free what message did that give? –ten teenagers deliberately lit fires after this)

In Marion Weinstein’s Positive Magic she advises that when we say something that we don’t want to manifest – say “Take this out of the Law “(of cause and effect)

I have started saying “Delete”

Marion Weinstein also suggests that when we see or hear crime, trauma and car accidents on the media to say “take this out of the Law”. Please include news about bush fires and other life forms becoming extinct in “take this out of the law”.

In manifesting – intent matters and emotions empower:

Seth speaks by Jane Roberts –“Seth” says — “You don’t stop wars by hating wars you stop wars by loving peace”

So as well as “delete” I am visualizing healthy happy abundant flora and fauna.

And safety, food and shelter for the humans.

blessed be


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