When women had no rights and no status and we were campaigning for equal rights (for women) —other women abused us because—“This is the way things are meant to be”


The same happens with animal  rights

—comments supporting the idea that imply humans are the only species that matter.

Re livestock –“That is why we grow them”

Re testing on animals and vivisection –“Torturing them helps humans”

Re wildlife

“You’ll be fined if you feed the seagulls they steal food off  cafe tables

Shoot the Corellas because they are noisy and strip the trees.

Kill mice — they are vermin

Kill insects —because we can.

Kill snakes and spiders they scare us.

Chop down trees — they are a fire hazard.

Trees don’t light fires:

and the human arsonists that do are  not punished?

Poison plants –they’re weeds

This attitude plus our cultural norms of replacing nature with tar and cement is making all life extinct.

And I realize few people will get what I am saying because they are unable to see past their cultural programming

But to those of you that get this


Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


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