I tried my best to practice ahimsa before I was aware of this word/concept

Impossible in a culture that believes only humans have a soul and only money matters

I Have fed the local birds ever since I moved here

Mindless automatons tell me

“Do not to feed the birds -they are meant  to find their own food”

It doesn’t occur to them that the human plague  (of 8 Billion) has destroyed the homes and food sources of all other life – making so many extinct.

The larger birds (carnivores) kill the smaller birds for food because thanks to homo sapiens there are not enough mice worms  or small reptiles for them to eat

A couple of years back in Australia they started culling the kookaburras to stop them killing the smaller birds

taken by my grandson

I feed the crows too –one neighbour has complained about their noise

The other has told me that she likes the Ibis (that I feed) but not the crow.

Crows like many other life forms are disliked because of cultural programming

The crow I feed, feeds the baby before she? feeds  herself

I wasn’t able to take a photo because the baby flies away when I walk outside – comes back when I go in.

Humans have this effect on me — have said I am anthrophobic for decades – don’t think it is an actual word)

taken at the Coorong

And then there are kangaroos which most farmers consider vermin and kill them

taken by me on Kangaroo Island last century

Considering all the positive changes in my life time I am optimistic that

the caring, intelligent people will prevail and stop all life from becoming extinct.

Enjoy your day

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