I wrote a blog entitled “Publicity” when I watched the first three episodes of Harry and Meghan

–this time I am spelling her name correctly  😛

I am the same age as King Charles (whom I don’t like) and I have never watched a soapie in my life

These days I don’t even watch television –just NETFLIX which my eldest granddaughter gave me

I watched this series because I already believed Meghan and Harry were being victimized

Although I cannot empathize with being famous I can sympathize with being a victim of abuse

I had an half a century  of physical and mental abuse and some people would tell me their stories and say “But it was only mental abuse”

In my opinion mental abuse is worse!

What this couple have had to endure is horrific


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from

One of the most common translations of namasté is “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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