This morning while meditating I “got” that I wasn’t healing because my bodies and chakas were

Covered in cords

Whether this  concept came for my guides or my subconscious I took note.

It reminded me of something that happened last century

In 1990 I saw a psychologist who was also a clairvoyant

He had been recommended

Since the early 1980s I had spent a fortune on psychiatrists and psychologists and still the PTSD had not been diagnosed

Mostly they told me that there was nothing wrong with me

one psychiatrist said it was PMT and laughed

I was still with my second husband whose first wife had warned me was “Past master of mental cruelty ”

At this time I believed I deserved abuse because if I ever mention the abuse people would tell me I must have deserved it

– my abuse started when I was a baby and my mother continued her physical and mental abuse for 63 years although her physical abuse was limited to slapping me across the face this century.

— my first husband was physically abusive and the second mentally abusive.

I had also suffered at least eight  traumas each of which  I have learned would cause PTSD

Without my mentioning anything this man told me that my mother had numerous cords on my aura and chakras and that I shoul,d avoid her for a minimum o six months

He also said I was to defend and assert myself to my husband.

I sadly ignored this advice.

I have recoded a chakra balancing exercise  

I start at the crown chakra if you prefer to start at the base chakra there are many exercises available

As well as removing cords from my chakras I removed them form my meridians

And from my physical:




and akashic bodies


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from One of the most common translations of namasté is “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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