I was going to put a video of myself to make it personal but decided to post this one of my pets

Bukkandi (cat) died July 2020

RILEY (AustralianxMaltese terrier) died November 2020 –and November 2020 I had an heartattack

I was watching the semi final of THE VOICE AUSTRALIA

It  reminded me that I am not competitive

I disagree with the idea of an hierarchy

Not into “one-upmanship”

Majored in sociology so understand that an heirachy is efficient

I am not intersested in publicity — just like blogging

A few years ago I told a friend of mine that I had refused to be interviewed by the media and she gave me this look imply I was lying and delusional

I was a clairvoyant and a witch in the days when “they” still wanted to put us to death

Then it became the flavour of the decade

I was asked to be interviewed by a television station because I was an High Priestess Wicca:

I refused to be interwiewed by a radio station

And a New Age magazine

The magazine rep said to me “it would be great publicity”

I didnt want the publicity

I don’t trust the media

In the late seventies a friend who was a Spiritualist minister was interviewed by a local television station They edited the interview to make her look like an idiot

This century a friend’s son  (at Schoolies) fell off the balcony of a local pub –drunk – a newspaper reporter wanted to interview her and she told them that she was busy getting he son into an ambulance

They printed a story saying that he had tried to commit suicide

 I must be in the wrong culture –or maybe the wrong species

I was brought up Church of England

(which was renamed Anglican in 1981 – Loved the series Downton Abby but they call Church of England Anglican back in the early 1900s )

As a child I  couldn’t understand why only humans and only humans of same religion were loved and “saved”  by God

me age 3 and Christy

I studied world religions as an elective at teachers college and did a lot of research on religion when I was lecturing on Wicca

The protestant ethic and the human population being way beyond plague proportions  (8 billion) has already caused the extinction of numerous life forms

me at the very first Australian Wiccan conference

 Long long ago (In the 1970’s) I wrote a sociology paper on communism.

 Unfortunately I am unable to remember all my research and “googling” does not always give accurate information.

 I could never understand why Marx was portrayed as some one evil?

 Well yes, I can: He was criticizing capitalism.

And advocating sharing

I remember the conclusion of this paper was –  that the only time true communism  existed was in Israeli Kibbutz: and this is no longer the case.

 It appears humans prefer to own

rather than share.

When I  think about it: we are programmed to compete: therefore we see others as someone we compete against.

We are programmed to buy and own


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from One of the most common translations of namasté is “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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