Thank God I am an Atheist: Pun Intended

I have used this title a few times

the first was 2014 then 2016

and again when the high court over turned George Pell’s conviction.  

Several of my friends have told me that I am not an athiest

They may be correct:

I do not really have a god concept:

if I did it would be Pantheism.

Since I was 60 I have gone back to church services a few times because I like the ritual and Jesus teachings.

But the fascism

and people who claim to know God’s will

makes me leave.

One group of ladies came to my house and told me what had to be thrown out.

One was a poster with amazing art work called Astral circus.

They went through my book cases and told me my anthropology books were evil.

I have the greatest respect for Jesus but believe him to be a teacher not a god.

After Constantine stopped throwing Christians to the lions and made Christianity the religion of Rome there was a meeting at Nicaea to decide what to leave in the bible and what to take out.

If “God” is a loving god why would it desire worship?

Religion is what influences a culture.

Our culture believes other life forms don’t feel and have no soul.

We have destroyed the ecology and continue to make all life extinct.

I tried to practice ahimsa before I was aware of this word and concept:

People ridiculed and abused me for this:

some told me I was anthropomorphising animals and other life forms.

As if I would wish any creature to be human 😛

If we credit some “Being” as having created this reality, this “Being” would have to be a sadistic psychopath.

Every creature has to deprive another life form of its existence in order to survive. ( Its called eating)

Just breathing kills other life forms! As we breathe in micro organisms.

I believe everything that exists has a consciousness: And because of my clairvoyant experiences I believe everything survives beyond physical death.

I asked clairvoyantly about “the meaning of life” which strangely enough isn’t 42 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

The answer I got was more a concept than words but translated, I was asked if I could conceptualize NO linear time and when I said “No” I was told that “they” couldn’t explain.

In the early 1980’s I taught “Wicca” at WEA (Workers Education Association) It doesn’t exist any more It was replaced by TAFE

I had already studied world religion as an elective at teachers college but in order to give a background on The Craft more research was necessary.

There was so little information on the Inquisition –

From the book The Spiral Dance by Starkhawk First published in 1979 Harper Collins Publishers  – “In 1484, the Papal Bull of Innocent VIII unleashed the power of the Inquisition against the Old Religion. With the publication of MalleusMaleficarum, “The Hammer of the Witches,” by the Dominicans Kramer and Sprenger in 1486, the groundwork was laid for a reign of terror that was to hold Europe in its grip until well into the seventeenth century. The persecution was most strongly directed against women. Of an estimated nine million Witches executed, eighty percent were women, including children and young girls”

It is from the inquisition that we get the term third degree because after the third torture anyone even the pope would confess to worshipping the devil.

When the Roman Emperor Constantine decided to use Christianity to control the masses a meeting of bishops was held at Nicaea in AD325. Here they decide what went into the Bible and what was left out.

It was probably at his time that Jesus wife Mary Magdalene was portrayed as a whore.

One of the reasons for the inquisition was to remove the women herbalists who had both contraception and abortion. If one has to have soldiers for the Roman armies the more children the better.

When i studied world religions i noticed that the Old Testament and the Koran were almost identical

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2 Comments on “Thank God I am an Atheist: Pun Intended

  1. Who are the women that told you to throw out those books?
    *** I have books on christianity, as well as satanism buddhism, – and others in between. Books on physics, metaphysics, and even astrophysics. Books on astrology as well as astronomy. Want to mention spirituality? Yep, I have books like that too. *** sadly, I have way more books than I can ever read***

    Don’t let it be said that you know the enemy without knowing the enemy. – in other words, you have to read the good and bad to know the ugly.

    • The ladies who wanted to throw out my anthropology books belonged to the local Baptist church at the time — they no longer attend this church because the “new” pastor is a women who allows gays to attend service
      I have two book cases doubled layered and have read every book at least once
      I love books
      In my first divorce my husband burned most of my books
      In the second he took all my favourites

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