Someone said to me that “You get what you pay for”?

After posting that I was finally getting notification emails re WORDPRESS

I havent received any more

–WordPress have investigated this and the problem is with Outlook

– I like reading blogs –hence I check “reader” and comments

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR would have applied in the days when people took pride in their work and craftsmanship

 but in an age when multinationals rule the wold and only humans and money matter

  –goods and services are sold at high prices so that people presume they are good

Something expensive isn’t necessarily better and visa versa.

The best naturopath  (who actually saved my life) was not expensive:

The best hairdresser charges me $25 for an hair cut

The best clairvoyant reading that I ever had cost me $5 (admittedly it was in the 1980s – hence it would be equivalent to $23 now)

Once the church told us what to think and believe now it is the multinationals

they control the media (and politicians)


Now for my book ad 😛

I receive very little money from my books

Am just supporting a multinational

But do appreciate that I am able to publish them without them being edited until they didn’t say  what I intended

(this happed to an acquaintance last century)


In the following book I hope to help those who wish to develop their clairvoyant abilities.

In “The Clairvoyant Experiences Of A Sceptic” I told a few of my clairvoyant experiences.

Listening to others similar stories made me realize that

it is so much better if you can have these experiences first hand.

The clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic is not a literary masterpiece

but a true story.

I majored in sociology not literature

I dont know the meaning of life:

nor understand the nature of reality:

I do know physical death is not the end.

And there are so many amazing stories omitted so as not to break client confidentiality.

The second part I wrote as therapy and had not intended to include.

It wasn’t included in the original l publication

( I started shaking when I tried to write about the abuse so it is badly written and a great deal omitted)

I wrote and published this sci fi short story a few years ago (under a different title) when the human population was only 7.4 billion:

(1st published 4th April 2017)

It is now almost 8 billion.

Our cultural norms and the Protestant Ethic are causing the extinction of all life.


I love the meaning of this word

The quote is from One of the most common translations of namasté is “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.”

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