Month: November 2021


I haven’t received any emails from WordPress since Hotmail was my only email address as of 2019 And a few people have told me they sent an email that I never received I check comments  Posts And reader But if you have ever emailed… Continue Reading “EMAILS”

Remembrance Day

We used to say this poem (or part thereof) at assembly when I was in primary school For The Fallen BY LAURENCE BINYON With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns for her dead across the sea. Flesh of her flesh they… Continue Reading “Remembrance Day”


I was going to write a short blog: Saying what follows;- ( but then found this old one  hence re blogging) I have two good friends that think psychic stuff and life after death is untrue: One said to me yesterday “We are not… Continue Reading “LIFE AFTER DEATH”


In the 1970’s when I was at teacher’s college as a mature student — I was only in my twenties I was searching for meaning to life:  I initially went back to Christianity And did the “born again” thing — as in speaking in… Continue Reading “MY MENTOR”


I wasn’t aware of the concept EMPATH until this century—with the exception of Marina Sirtis  character Deanna Troi in Star Trek next gen — but it fits me – it is one of the reasons that I don’t socialize – the other is of… Continue Reading “AN EMPATH”


I was recently asked for my date of birth –which I gave And said “I AM FLOWER POWER GENERATION“ The young lady replied “Lucky you” I said“NO –LUCKY YOU” My generation were responsible for social change: (that is all that I said –the rest… Continue Reading “CHANGES FOR THE BETTER”


I don’t  believe in karma – but would love it to be so. (people of western cultures interpret karma as reward and punihment and even google “says” this — but when I studied world religions years ago it isnt what karma means?) I do… Continue Reading “OLD CRONE”