I wasn’t aware of the concept EMPATH until this century—with the exception of Marina Sirtis  character Deanna Troi in Star Trek next gen

— but it fits me – it is one of the reasons that I don’t socialize – the other is of course my anxiety disorder-

Sometimes some people’s energies make me feel physically ill – it is when they are being malicious and not necessarily to me  — I have get up and leave

I believe everyone is clairvoyant but the ability atrophies because our culture teaches that it doesn’t exist or it is evil:

Yet it doesn’t seem that everyone is an empath:

It was only this morning (while writing this) that I reassessed something that happened a few years ago:

Four young ladies were booked in for a reading:

I only did the first reading:

With the second lady I was an horrific emotional wreck.

I always felt so guilty that I could not do the other readings after they had travelled so far

but I just couldn’t.

I blamed myself for being so emotional and letting them down.

The only bad thing I “saw” with the second lady was a relationship break up:

 which I didn’t pass on:

I “open myself” to connect with people who have passed over

and I had not put a protection around myself – which I normally do:

 in retrospect I must have “picked up” something?

(Earlier this century when I was doing readings in a local shop

 one lady whom I “read for” said that I “faded out of sight”

when communicating with those who have passed over:

Sounds a bit “looney tunes” but maybe I do?)

When I connect with people who have passed over who have had a traumatic death

I feel their emotional horror but not their physical pain.

And I think that  being an empath may have contributed to my being a vegetarian:

When I ate meat I would have re occurring  nightmares about being an animal in a slaughter house:


Have a great day

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