My first blog was entitled “To Thine Own Self Be True”

(April 2012)

Honesty is very important to me.

As is obvious; I had no idea how to write blogs I wrote as if it were and assignment paper  😛

And I acknowledge that I have a limited idea of how to write books—

I originally set out my sci fi in double spacing for a publisher:

 A friend of mine who  is a published author

Suggested an eBook

I wrote my non fiction book I so people would know that we do survive death.

Even though excellent books on this subject have been written by others.

This reality seems wrong and cruel and I do not understand why.

I have “asked” clairvoyantly about life and death

and was “asked’ “Can you conceptualize no linear time?”

 to which I answered “No”

 And was told “they” couldn’t explain.

I understand that if we don’t have a concept for something it doesn’t exist for us.

Dawn Hill wrote a book entitled “Reaching For The Otherside” – which I read in the early 1980s

I wrote to this lovely lady and excellent clairvoyant with a question about my clairvoyance:

–I sometimes couldn’t tell if the person I was “seeing” was living or passed over – she replied to my letter.

Yesterday a friend was talking about medical atrocities in the 2nd World War

I told them about an experience I had in 1979

The following story wasn’t included in my book

In 1979 a friend took me to see a lady who  thought that her house was haunted.

I told her that it was

but that it was “thought forms” — which as you may or may not know gain a reality of their own.

This lady then explained to me why she thought that she may have created the thought forms:

She was Jewish and in a concentration camp during the war

where she was given an hysterectomy without anaesthetic:

at age twelve.

Man’s inhumanity to man (& other life forms) horrifies me!



  1. Funny – not really.
    I was driving home from work this evening (yes it’s night where I am) and I saw a dead raccoon in the middle of the road.
    My first thought was “if only people had compassion for animals that they have for their fellow humans – there’d be far less roadkill, on the roads”
    (sigh) then I thought again… nope sadly humans don’t have that kind of compassion. Sure, we feel sorry and attend a friend or loved ones funeral, but to what end? Then minutes later we forget all that… and… well – let’s just say, the compassion and sorrow we feel is so short lived. 😦

    Once Upon a time, there was a turtle crossing the road, when I passed it I pulled over thinking I would go back and grab that turtle and help him cross the road safely. Sadly the car behind me (assuming what I was going to do) swerved and deliberately squashed the turtle flat. He was a pretty big turtle, not a itty bitty thing.

    • i have seen one man redirect traffic around around a lizzard on the road and numerous people who sped up to hit birds animals and reptiles on the road — justr wish i could run over and squash them

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