I decided to write this blog so I do not wallow in “poor me”

My Dad always said “Count your blessings”

Some of the “poor me stuff”:

I will soon have to give up my driver’s license

(which I have had since 1966)

 in a town where there is no public transport and taxis are a “no show” for $10 fares.

Over a decade of pain and sleep deprivation  is taking its toll

The worst of my chronic pain caused by surgical mistakes and damage (this was found in a CT scan and an examination)

Have difficulty with mobility  and doing housework and gardening.

I am  struggling to buy groceries and pay bills:

All my savings are gone:

I worked 46 years and paid 48% of my wages in tax in the 1990s (over $900)

Bought out two husbands:

I get an “Aged pension” but it isn’t enough to live on and I am still paying a small mortgage

One more whinge before I list the good stuff 😛

I have no self confidence and feel as if I have never been loved  because of sixty four years of physical and mental abuse from my mother.

This is far more common than I initially thought:

Especially in women of my age group:

When we were growing up women had no rights nor status:

Couldn’t have a bank account without husband or father counter signing:

Couldn’t buy an house:

Couldn’t rent anywhere  if separated from ones husband:

and there’s more!

A woman’s goal was to get a husband:

so other women were seen as a threat.

“A wife is a device that you screw onthe bed and it does the housework”

Now for the good stuff

I get an aged pension –

I live near the beach: the Murray Mouth and Coorong are not far away:

I have an old two bedroom house and lots of trees on my property.

Although I am no longer physically or financially well enough to have another pet

I have birds visiting;

Magpies: crows:  ibis: wattle birds: galas: honey eaters and more

My children and grandchildren help and support me:

As do friends.

some of my family ( 3 grandchildren not pictured)

I have difficulty walking but I manage,

I have had an interesting life and i am now qjuite comfortable being a misfit.

Have a great day

I am going outside to hug the trees


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