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Apparently farmers have been given approval to use a double strength poison to get rid of the mice plague.

This will definitely exterminate more wild life.

This attitude that only humans matter is causing the extinction of all life on the planet.

Humans would be the cause of the mice plague:

the human plague is 8 billion

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Dont accuse me of not caring about farmers.

My Dad grew up on a farm in Yorkshire

and I have friends that are farmers

These farmers care about the environment

(more so than townies)

I just googled “1984

by George Orwell”

I didn’t realize that it had been banned and accused of being communist

Check out my blog “Sharing” —

I wrote a major paper on Karl Marx when I studied sociology


All I had intended to mention 1984 for was that we are controlled and manipulated by the media and the multinationals who control the media and politicians.

from science mag

have a nice day

and be kind to mice

According to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Mice created the world

(I wonder how many people took notice of that satire?)

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