Walking this morning I saw someone poisoning weeds.

I stopped and chatted for a while (and didn’t preach my “don’t use poisons”).

Now the neighbour is chain sawing small bushes.

I understand why people poison weeds and cut down trees –

they are making their properties look nice.

Even though I am aware that our cultural norms are making all life extinct I still have difficulty not conforming.

I used to feel guilty because leaves make my place look untidy:

I am often told my trees are a fire hazard:

Yet I have never seen a tree walking around with a cigarette lighter lighting fires:

Now that I realize our cultural norms are making all life extinct I am happy to be labelled white trash for having an “untidy” garden.

Yet I would still like to be able to afford to have the driveway gravelled.

I do what I can in the microcosm to help the ecology:

so the statement “She wouldn’t hurt a fly” is literal.

Insects are essential and there are 8 billion humans killing insects:

To be pedantic I will kill fleas which pets pick up from the soil and carry into the house.

from Facebook

Think about it:
multinationals control the politicians and the media:

hence we are programmed to be wasteful

so we buy more.

Billions of humans dumping waste that wont decompose.

This used to be heritage bushland but was “accidentally” burned down and is now an housing estate

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