On my usual save the ecology soap box

taken on Kangaroo Island last century

The population constantly increasing:

we are 7.8 billion and increasing.

Our cultural norms are based on the premise that humans are the only species that matter.

Hence people do so much damage to other life forms every day just keeping “their” homes and gardens tidy.

Humans are encouraged to breed and in this country they are rewarded to do so.

Realestate development wipes out vegetation

hence homes and food for other life forms.

We  are told to clear trees in case of fires:

Trees don’t light fires humans do.

How many trees have you seen walking around with cigarette lighters.

my place

Bushfires upset me: because I cannot help the flora and fauna:

But at least I can post this:

Please send healing: nourishment: fulfilment: shelter and empowerment to all non human life forms.

Both psychologically , sociologically and magically it will have an affect.

I admire people that choose not to have children or to adopt.

Zero population doesn’t mean no children.

I have noticed throughout my life that the people who would make excellent parents cannot have  children and often those who can have children don’t care about them.

Enjoy your day

taken at the Coorong in 2019
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