Cultures that live in harmony with the environment are labelled primitive and inferior

No doubt many label me “white trash” because I don’t have a pristine lawn and concrete:

Allow leaves to stay on the ground

I don’t kill anything

Don’t use poisons.

People complain that my driveway isn’t concreted.

my trees a mess

and that birds poop on their cars

This cultural attitude is contributing to making all life extinct.

Some one said to me recently “I suppose your house was nice when you first bought it?!

It wasn’t

The house had plastic curtains on the windows

needed painting

No septic

I bought it because it had native trees

Usually because the garden looks messy to your average WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) presumes the inside is a dump?

Before I bought this old holiday house I lived in a four bedroom home with a separate rumpus room and huge pink gum trees in the garden.

The neighbour behind me asked me to chop down the gums in the back yard

When I asked why

he told me that the leaves were falling on the lawn

enjoy your day

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century

2 Comments on “SAVE ECOLOGY

  1. With neighbors like that – I’m surprised they didn’t secretly poison your tree, when you refused. I’ve heard that people do that. 😦

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