On a happy note

Because my last blog was so depressing I wanted to write a happy blog.

I still love where I live.

There are still some flora and fauna left but no where near what there was when I first moved here:

but as this is a happy blog will not dwell on this.

When my dog and I were younger we would walk on the beach every morning and around the artificial lake in the afternoon

Last time we walked around the atrificial lake there was a mother duck and tiny ducklings next to the path:

Riley didn’t bother them  😃

unfortunately I hadn’t taken my phone so couldn’t take a picture.

I have the best children and grandchildren:

Only my children are pictured

Didn’t want to bore people too much 😛

they both

are the best:

they cheer me up when I am “down”

They both have a clever sense of humour and my son is excellent at mimicking voices:

This isn’t a particularly good example but it is the only time that I recorded him

enjoy your day

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