this is from Facebook —love it 😛

Anyone with an anxiety disorder knows that if you try and fight your fight and flight response it makes it worse:

because it is a fight and flight response 😛

Although I have had a decade of pain and sleep deprivation I go through stretches where the pain is horrific and adrenalin kicks in and doesn’t shut off for days.

I am allergic to pain relief.

The worst pain is caused by surgical mistakes.

So if anyone has liked or commented and I haven’t answered

Its because my concentration is stuffed.

Now that I am on Windows10 (which I avoided for ages) notifications come up on screen—I realize I can stop this— One notification alerted that there was a problem with my WordPress – when I checked , it was someone trying to sell me something 😛

I made this recording for my land line — thought you’d find it funny.

The following pictures were  taken at the beginning of the week

My daughter and son in law took me to the Goolwa Hotel:

Social distancing etc.  adhered   to.

Was in pain but could block it out:

Comfort food 😀


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