I originally entitled this self esteem and was advised that this title wasn’t allowed?

The late Louise Hay advised people to love themselves:

But so many of us don’t.

(regardless of age group: sex or race.)


One of the few good psychologists

told me

to counsel myself as if I were  counselling someone else.

I get annoyed with myself because I cannot do things:

I was almost always able to push through panic attacks which I have had most of my life:

(my PTSD was diagnosed until I was almost fifty)

These days I have trouble doing this.

I get mad at myself :-

I would like to have been able  to drive to my daughters to help her after she  had surgery on her feet:

I wasn’t able to fly to North Queensland last year for my son’s  fiftieth:

I didn’t attend my youngest granddaughter’s 21st (a few years ago):

I am often unable to push through pain to do my house work and there are things that I physically cannot do.

Some days I cannot even walk the dog 😦

I have had to refuse to do clairvoyant readings.

Today I counselled myself that I am doing the best I can.

I suffer with osteoarthritis, myalgia: adhesions: nerve pain and medical and surgical mistakes:

This century I have had over a decade of constant pain and sleep deprivation.

(Allergic to morphine and Tramadol)

What motivated me to write this is that last night I slept for four hours (straight) and feel so much better.

Maslow’s heirachy

I know many people don’t like themselves because they don’t fit the cultural norm of slim and attractive:

I understand this:

Last century I remember someone who was disfigured was told that “it is not what you look like but who you are on the inside.”

I said to him “That’s crap: people treat and judge you by the way you look.”

 The 1990’s I had an hysterectomy (which I should not have had) and I put on weight:

plus my health went downhill because of sleep deprivation (work related).

People treated me with contempt:

including doctors and specialists.

At the beginning of this century I lost weight and  people treated me with respect.

Including the same doctors and specialists.

My Dad always said “Count your blessings.”

And I do.

Have a great day

and be kind to non humans

I took this last century on Kangaroo Island
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