I watched the service for the 75th anniversary of the end of World War two:

I thought – none of us can know or empathise what horrors these soldiers had to endure:

Pictured —First picture is from “we are the” the second Wikipedia

I remembered a clairvoyant reading that I did at the beginning of this century for a man who was in the Crimean war: 

I “communicated” with a man (deceased) who had served with him:

The man I was reading for asked if this man had been killed or was he taken and tortured: as they had had to leave him behind.

 The man had been tortured.

I did not feel the physical pain but the emotional horror.

Not something that I would like to experience again.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law served in the Second World War for Australia:

My parents were in the UK:

My dad was not conscripted because he was hearing impaired but he was assigned to re building bombed buildings.

(He was a carpenter)

Pictured –– first picture my Dad : second picture: my in laws with my children

Neither my in laws nor my parents talked about the war but an uncle told me a funny story about my Dad.

My Dad was sleeping in quarters that were bombed;

He slept through the bombing:

(because he was deaf)

didn’t wake up:

The rescue team put him with the corpses:

they almost buried him.

Blessed be

and remember the fallen

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