From a sociological point of view the more people believe in something ( and work toward this goal) the more likely it is to happen

I have a Facebook group entitled:

My Wish – Ecology Before Economy

When I was in primary school we were asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”

It was the 1950s 😛

DAMN Every time i down load this dinosaur the head disappears

I wrote that I wished that people would care more about the planet and other life forms than about money: The headmaster wrote “good girl” on this essay

and I was so embarrassed that I didn’t think like everyone else:

who wrote about items they wish they had.

In retrospect realize that as a child I wanted to adhere to Ahimsa

a term that I didn’t know then.

I respect all life:

excepting those humans that don’t respect other life forms.

For as long as I remember  I have repected all  life;

I  talk to animals:

reptiles (even though I know snakes are deaf)





plants and trees:

I thank the water every time I turn on the tap:

Thank my food.

Talk to the wind.

I get abused by the mindless automatons for feeding the birds

Because the birds are supposed to find there own food:

 Difficult for the birds – the human plague has destroyed it all.

I have studied psychology and sociology –

the nature/ nurture argument doesn’t explain why I think like I do?

Certainly  wasn’t leaned behaviour.

A “past life” maybe?

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

These babes were “road kill” a couple of days later 😦
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