I have to confess when I first started WordPress I had no idea what I was doing:

I didn’t know how to find comments

and people thought they were being ignored.

I think I am addicted to WordPress:

I enjoy reading other people posts

It has changed my attitude from thinking that  humans are either mindless automatons

or ( the so-called successful ones) sociopaths:


 there are some interesting and creative

 original thinkers.

Being decrepitly old I seem to have a different attitude to social media than some.

I only use Facebook (and WordPress)

Don’t know how to use Twitter

but I am on Twitter to promote my blogs

and hence my “clairvoyant readings” and books.

My eldest granddaughter (like me) is herself on social media

but another family members (whom I love dearly)

has this “keeping up appearances” attitude to social media.

Enjoy your day and maintain

social distancing

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