In 1979 this poem was in a workers union news letter:

In 1979 this poem was in a workers union news letter:

I do not know who the author is so I am unable to give them the credit 😦

It still makes me laugh four decades later

but I wondered if it was appropriate at this time (covid19)

Then decided “I am not here to “people please”

and am sure that some will get a laugh from reading it”.

It was crisis day in the parliament

The house was hushed and still.

A member rose with a question

“Are we doomed to go downhill?”

I am confident of an upturn”,

The PM made reply.

“If workers pay is held at bay,

Well all be home and dry.”

“How true, how true”, cried the workers.

Let’s end this wicked strike.

We don’t want a rise in wages,

They can stick it where they like.”

“Thank God, Thank God”, sobbed the bosses.

“There’s faith on the factory floor.

And now we’ve got this extra lot

We’ll give it to the poor.”

They filled their pockets with money

And ran with eager feet

Pressing their surplus profits

On the people in the street.

They moved among the dole queues

And boarded every bus

With streaming eyes and heartfelt cries

You need it more than us”.

Soon all the people prospered

And the devil became a saint

Now the sober unions

Had exercised restraint.

The cities were filled with singing

And the sound of laughter spread

As hand took hand in the golden land

and pigs flew overhead.

Have a great day


I love this photo — took it on Kangaroo Island last century — makes me cry at times when I think of the bush fires that were deliberately lit

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