This was originally much longer but I edited it so that I would fit in 😛

Even when I was young I thought our culture was wrong.

I try my best to adhere to  Ahimsa but it is close to impossible.

Our culture labels cultures that live in harmony with the environment primitive.

We kill other life forms constantly because they are vermin: dangerous:

 make concrete look untidy.

Humans are wasteful:

Just about everything goes down the drain.

When I was young

  women had no rights or status:

 and children were to be “seen and not heard”:

these have changed

as has the respect for the ecology —- hope it isn’t too late.

We make up 99% of the planet’s population.

Multinationals rule the world:

And money is god?

Something expensive is considered good

And inexpensive is “cheap”

Over the years peope have told me that I should put my prices up

to double or triple what I charge:

But I find it rewarding to know that I am really “seeing

and communicating” with people who are “no longer in this reality”

And some people have paid me double or triple what I charge 😀

Plus I almost always get feed back.

We search for the meaning of life:

But as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has implied –

We are asking the wrong questions.

I asked this question of my “guides”

I was “asked” “Can you conceptualize no linear time

When I answered “no

I was told “they” couldn’t explain.

blessed be


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