I am re blogging this in the hope that someone will explain to me why a book would cost this much? $1960.24 US dollars

It was published in 1988 and Stewart is dead –but it doesn’t explain the price?

I thought —this is too petty to blog about

But I am

Why would a book cost this much?

I am in this book:

We filled out a questionnaire for Stewart Farrar in the 1980s:

One of many I have loaned out and never got back:

I have had to replace Marion Weinstein’s  “Positive Magic” four times because people didn’t return the book:

Star Hawk’s – Spiral Dance only once:

At teachers college I loaned a Childhood development book that cost $100 (a lot in the 70’s) and never got it back:

Today I decided to have another go at replacing this one –

It is $1960.24 US dollars

I got one second hand but it cost me almost $64

Blessed be

celebrate the solstice

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