This photo was taken in 2012 and these babies were road kill two weeks later 😦

There is a magpie that has been visiting me since she was a baby she initially came with her parents but then her parents came no more:

Am guessing “road kill” ☹

She hadn’t quite finished learning to self feed when her parents died:

Yet she watched other birds and learned quickly.

Another magpie family visited here at the same time and the male would peck at her to keep her away from the food.

Then for a while I didn’t see her at all:

An Ibis had been stopping magpies from coming here:

Now the magpies are back:

It seems that this family, that had picked on her, send her in to sing for food:
which I bring out:

and then the male tries to keep her away from the food:

I now stand outside  because the other magpies move away:

and she stays because she knows me:

hence gets to eat.

Turn on the sound for this 😀

Not the magpies in my story –

There is a crow that visits:

She doesn’t caw like a crow:

It sounds like she is trying to mimic the magpies song.

It may be that she is a different species from the other crows?

Googled this —-

“Corvus mellori——

The others species in South Australia are Little Crow, Australian Raven, Torresian Crow and Forest Raven. The calls of corvids are perhaps the best method for identifying them in the field. They all have different calls, although recognising them obviously requires a great deal of experience.”

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

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