Taken earlier this century with a phone.

I Googled empath =




(chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.”

Several years ago a young lady in my psychic development group suggested that I was an  empath:

A label that I wasn’t previously aware of.

Except applied to Marina Sirtis character in Star Trek The Next Generation.

In the seventies and eighties when I first started developing and using my clairvoyance we weren’t just the lunatic fringe we were considered evil:

No one used the term “empath”
 Woe betide anyone knowing that I was a witch.

“From Judith Orloff

Empaths are highly sensitive. …

Empaths absorb other people’s emotions. …

Many empaths are introverted. …

Empaths are highly intuitive. …

Empaths need alone time. …

Empaths can become overwhelmed in intimate relationships. …

Empaths are targets for energy vampires. …

Empaths become replenished in nature.”

This fits me:

I also sense and absorb the emotions of other lifeforms.

My following traits may not be because I am and empath?

I get upset when moths throw themselves at the window trying to get to the light.

As did Albert Schweitzer.

In primary school when our teacher was explaining Albert Schweitzer’s achievements ( he was still alive at this time) she found it amusing that he was concerned about moths throwing themselves at the light.

I don’t kill insects or mice – or spiders or snakes  – but don’t claim to sense their feelings:

 I just know they have every right to live.

So when comments are made that I wouldn’t hurt a fly  — it is literal.

Earlier this century when I had a Bully/Kelpie cross I would take him for a walk in the  sand dunes so he could run off the lead.

One day he jumped over this extremely long red belly black:

I called him back:

I wasn’t going to step over it although it was obviously too cold to move:

I know snakes are deaf but

I said “Are you OK?”  

and it moved its head and looked at me:

It looked afraid.

i understand this 😦

I tell everyone that I am anthro phobic ( break it down etymologically) and people laugh:

But if they had had the life experience I’ve had they would feel the same.

My driveway

I have always fed the birds

despite stupid people abusing me and saying that they should find their own food

(there in NOT enough food for them).

I knew who all the different magpies were

but they have stopped coming because a visiting  Ibis won’t let them in.

I still feed one crow who has been coming here for a long time

and I can tell who “she” is because she tries to sing like the magpies instead of cawing — unsuccessfully of course.

I talk to trees and plants

and sometimes appliances when they annoy me

Blessed be

and be kind and respectful of non humans

I took this on Kangaroo Island last century
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