When I was younger I hoped to make a difference and joined groups that cared about the ecology and animals but have learned that multinationals are god and that all humans care about is money.

The  human plague is making all life extinct:

and not that far away.

I have personally seen the flora and fauna disappear:

When I was a child the population of Australia was 9 million

It is now 25,499,884

When I moved to Goolwa in 1998 the population was 16000

It is now 11,578 (2018)

Our cultural norms and the Protestant Ethic are causing the extinction of all life.

We ignore people and organisations that tell us that we are making all life extinct:

We ignore the satire in movies like the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “Avatar”

Please check out this web site

Please do what you can in the microcosm to help.

Grow trees and plants:

Don’t use poisons.

Feed the birds  — there isn’t enough food for them to find their own.

Hence the larger birds kill the small ones for food.

taken by Matt Blandford

(I heard a few weeks back that they were culling kookaburras because the kookaburras were killing smaller birds –— Wrong solution — Thanks to the human plague  there isn’t enough food for the kookaburras — they eat —  mice, small snakes and lizards, insects, worms ,beetles and centipedes.) 

Our cultural norms: the Protestant Ethic  and the attitude that only humans matter is causing the extinction of all life!

In April 2018 a few of us started sending healing (to the flora fauna and the ecology):

I am still doing this!

Please join us in sending healing or praying:


Share this blog post with those who care.

Initially I asked everyone to send at 2000 hours South Australian time:

but if you just send once a day at any time, that is great.

Time and space are not as we perceive them to be.

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans


I took this photo last century on Kangaroo Island

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