ASTRAL Projection

This meditation is from “Mother Wit”

by Dianne Mariechild

It is different from the one I have used in my psychic development classes.

When I record on the lap top it is too faint to hear:

My phone is so old it will not let me download a sound recorder— or any other app —

so I have recorded it as a video.——

Damn the video is too “large” for WordPress!

Am recording as an audio on the laptop but the volume will have to be up high.

Please choose a place that you know you will visit but haven’t yet been there.

If you do not succeed in astral projecting you to will “mind travel”

Sit comfortably or lie down:

which ever feels best for you:

And play the audio:

Enjoy your journey.

Blessed be

and be kind to non humans

I took this photo last century on Kangaroo Island
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