Are Humans Indigenous To This Planet?


I have just returned from a podiatrist appointment: someone I have never met before.

We had the most interesting conversation: hence this blog.

He said he thought that humans were alien to this planet.


I have thought for approximately two decades that humans were genetically engineered by     E T ‘s

He was telling me about a tribe in Africa that spoke to and thanked the animal they were about to kill and I discussed my disgust of our meat industry.

I became a vegetarian in the 1970’s and joined Animal Liberation.

I would have liked to have stopped eating meat as a child after I found out where meat came from: But the person who gave birth to me bashed me when I refused to eat meat: served the same meal to me for breakfast lunch and tea until I ate it: and threatened to have me put in a mental institution for caring about livestock: (Something that was quite possible in those days. People were certified insane when families wanted them out of the way!)

The husband of one of my staff in  1982, who transported stock to the abattoirs, asked me to report that suckie calves were left to die of dehydration and starvation.


The person that I spoke to at the RSPCA called me a liar and a trouble maker: I put something in writing and was ignored: Over the years I have heard many horror stories about the RSPCA!

This still happens! i.e. newborns left to die!


I have been informed by people that either work at the abattoirs or visit same, that newborns of every species are left to die of dehydration and starvation. Someone that worked there told me that the drug companies request this!


Today the podiatrist explained to me why he thought so. The drug companies harvest the hormones produced from their death.

If there were not so many humans on this planet factory farming and the abattoirs set up wouldn’t happen. Or one would hope not.


If humans had any sense at all they would have implemented zero population growth long ago.

But as I said in a previous blog to fit in with the human culture it is necessary to be a mindless automaton: to be successful in supporting the Protestant ethic one must be a sociopath and a narcissist.

I have copped abuse and ridicule for being a vegetarian and told “This is why we grow them!” or “It’s nature”

To end on a positive note. Today has reminded me that there are caring people who think beyond what the media tells them.

Be blessed

light candle

Here follows my own advert 😛

In primary school the class was asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”
I wrote that I wished people would care more about looking after nature and the planet than money.
Seeing that this is never going to happen in my life time or possibly ever!
I wrote this short story for myself and as sympathetic magick

A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet Kindle Edition


by Kathleen Schofield (Author)

I think that eventually the “Powers That Be” will release a virus that targets a specific genetic marker to reduce the human population but I didn’t want to write an horror story. I tried to make it an happy story and kept it short and was hoping to write a follow up if it was popular enough.                                                                                                    Long ago when I did media studies as an elective we were told that just because something is poplar doesn’t mean it is good and visa versa:                                                                                                                                                       I remember when “only the cult following ” liked Start Trek and Monty Python: so maybe there is hope for this little book




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