The Media is the Massage (or more on double standards)


(With apologies to Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is The Massage”)

[Marshall McLuhan argues that technologies — from clothing to the wheel to the book, and beyond — are the messages themselves, not the content of the medium. In essence, The Medium is the Massage is a graphical and creative representation of his “medium is the message” thesis seen in Understanding Media.]

We tend to believe what the media tells us, yet it is controlled by multinationals, just as the government is. Thus it is neither objective nor honest.

(Sunrise is sponsored by the meat industry. I switch off every time I am told how good pork is. They strangely enough don’t tell us how horrific factory farming and the abattoirs are for these intelligent animals)

This morning on Sunrise, there was an interview with some one from Australian Wild Life explaining that feral cats are destroying our wild life. I don’t doubt that they are but humans are the reason we have feral cats.

The last time they mentioned feral cats on Sunrise one of the ladies on the panel made a comment about how much damage the mining industry does to our wild life and sarcastically said “But lets target the cats!” Kochie ignored her; not acknowledging the comment!

Humans definitely destroy more wildlife than feral cats. Not just mining but the real estate companies who destroy trees and heritage bushland, thereby destroying the homes and food sources of our native animals and birds. And then there’s road kill!

Recently a now ex friend asked me to drive him to Hindmarsh Island to dump a possum that was annoying his dog. (His car was off the road) I refused saying that I wasn’t moving an indigenous creature out of its territory. He turned really nasty and got someone else to take him! Possums being territorial will kill a possum that doesn’t belong. Even if this were not so the poor possum had no way of finding its way home over water.

People thoughtlessly destroying insects; mice; arachnoid; snails and even snakes (which they are not supposed to kill, but do) are destroying the ecology by killing so called pests.

The biggest problem is that there are too many humans on the planet. Why we don’t have zero population control, I don’t know.

This is off on a tangent but to do with the meat industry. In 1982 the husband of one of my staff was carting stock to the abattoirs and asked me to report to the RSPCA that the suckie calves were left to die of dehydration and starvation. When I called the RSPCA I was called a trouble maker and a liar!

I put something in writing but did not receive a response.

This still happens today. New born of all livestock are left to die without food or water. I was told by someone that worked at the abattoirs that the drug companies want them this way?

Attitudes to animals and minority groups have changed for the better in my life time. Hopefully humans will change before they destroy this beautiful planet.

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