Seeing James Cromwell on “Sunrise” —morning television

motivated  me to re post this

He was saying how visiting an abattoirs in the mid 1970s  caused him to become vegan

I am so happy to know that so many humans care about other life forms

I have stopped watching television but if I  chromecast from same I see ads re eating parts of the corpses of animals that have been factory farmed and production line slaughtered  or creatures that have been boiled alive

(I also object to using insect spray – so don’t like these ads either)

I have been vegetarian since the 1970s and when I was younger used to cook meat for my family but this century I have refused to cook meat

I found this picture years ago but do not know who to give the credit to.

In South Australia in the 1970’s and 80’s vegetarians and vegans were not catered for.

There was a cafe on the corner of Hindmarsh Square and Rundle Street Adelaide, called “Carrots” :

one restaurant that catered for vegans

and  a Lebanese restaurant  that offered a vegetarian platter.

The only vegetarian food one could buy was by Sanitarium

which was, and am guessing still is, owned by the Seventh-day Adventist church.

(And very much appreciated — Thank you Seventh Day Adventists)

We were ridiculed and abused by those in pubs, restaurants and people generally.

I made my own burghers using lentils, vegetable and bread crumbs and at a surprise birthday party for my (now ex) husband all the carnivores were eating these:

not realizing they had no meat.

I didn’t insist my family were vegetarian

I would make a vegetarian dish to share

and also cook meat.

If I ate meat I would have night mares about being an animal in a slaughter house.

I object to factory farming and production line slaughter.

Of course the reason the setup is this way is there are way to many humans.

I didn’t want to eat meat as a child:

for refusing I received a bashing from  my mother:

she threatened to have me put in a mental institution

and served me the same meal for breakfast lunch and tea until I ate it.

I have allowed myself to eat meat on a few occasions over the years usually because I was anaemic

The night mares return plus my digestive system doesn’t handle meat.

In this day and age when there are so many vegans, I never expected to be ridiculed but it has happened on several occasions.

I complimented one woman on having soy milk in her coffee and she abused the hell out of me:
Said that she wasn’t vegan (which according to her is worse than leprosy ) she had soy milk because she liked it.

It is important to me that I am always honest so I must confess that sadly  I have only been  a part time vegan— but still vegetarian:

Hoping this time around I will stay vegan.

If I ate eggs I bought those produced locally as I have been to the farm where the chickens are and I would live where they live  😀

I cannot watch cooking shows:

Haven’t cooked meat for anyone since 1998

I am horrified that people think eating creature that is boiled alive is a treat.

A friend asked me why vegans avoid dairy :

I explained that the cows are kept continually pregnant:

the calves go to slaughter and their mothers know.

In my opinion the drug companies are worse than the meat industry.

In 1982 the husband of one of my staff asked me to report that suckie calves were left to die of dehydration & starvation.

I was told by someone who bought stock that

all new borns are just left to die that way.

In 1982 I reported what was told to me to the RSPCA who called me a liar and a trouble maker.

I put something inwriting but it was ignored.

Animal Liberation told me to write to my politician.


Years later an acquaintance who had worked in the abattoirs told me that the drug companies ask for this.

And my podiatrist  (an animal activist) told me that the drug companies collect hormones from this type of death.

People just don’t want to know.



and be kind to non humans

Taken on Kangaroo Island last century

 In the following book I hope to help those who wish to develop their clairvoyant abilities.

In “The Clairvoyant Experiences Of A Sceptic” I told a few of my clairvoyant experiences.

Listening to others similar stories made me realize that

it is so much better if you can have these experiences first hand.

Kung fu tz  (Confucius) say “Perseverance prospers”

So don’t give up – you will succeed

And use the recorded meditations in my blog

The clairvoyant Experiences of a Sceptic is not a literary masterpiece

but a true story. I majored in sociology not literature

I dont know the meaning of life:

nor understand the nature of reality:

I do know physical death is not the end.

And there are so many amazing stories omitted so as not to break client confidentiality.

The second part I wrote as therapy and had not intended to include.

It wasn’t included in the original l publication

( I started shaking when I tried to write about the abuse so it is badly written and a great deal omitted)


I wrote and published this sci fi short story a few years ago (under the above title) when the human population was only 7.4 billion:

(1st published 4th April 2017)

It is now  8 billion.

Our cultural norms and the Protestant Ethic are causing the extinction of all life.

I wrote this as social satire and sympathetic magic

I realize my writing style doesn’t fit what people expect

My excuse –I majored in sociology not literature 😛

I wanted to put my idea that humans are not indigenous to the planet

A few lines  from this short story:

“Most humans think that those who live in harmony with the environment are primitive and inferior. Actually they don’t think.

They just mindlessly conform to what those in power and their entertainment media tell them.

 They are really stupid but consider themselves superior to all other life forms because they talk:

They think if something or someone doesn’t talk they don’t understand.

They thoughtlessly destroy everything. They call some creatures vermin, when humans are the vermin. They kill insects and destroy all the trees despite the fact that insects and trees are essential.

And everything literally goes down the drain polluting the oceans instead of nourishing other life.”

On the 4th April 2017 I published my sci fi short story as an eBook – I later made it a paperback and have published 2 more books

All I have received in 6 years is $27

A friend who put his music with Amazon  never got much in royalties and said they come up with costs and expenses not listed

They have exclusive rights to my books so I cannot remove same

I didn’t write them for the money

The sci fi is social satire

And the clairvoyance is to tell some of my experiences

But these days when I am struggling to buy groceries and not well enough to do readings  it would be nice to have a little extra money

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