These days I am forced to rest often—

And as it is uncomfortable reading when lying  down I tend to watch Netflix or DVDs

Have been watching ”Emily in Paris”

Love it

I am amazed that I can read texts that are in French and follow most conversations

It is decades (1960s) since I studied French at high school and I didn’t think high school French would be that helpful

I am fourth in from the right on the second row

I was in “A” class in high school and we studied French and Latin

Latin is useful etymologically as words are often derived from  Latin and Greek

We went to the UK for an holiday when I was 10   – by ship – on the return voyage I made friends with children from Sweden Germany and Greece — I understood what they were saying in their own language –replied in English – if I were younger I would understand this as possible but at age ten – I wasn’t expecting this

(the ship pictured was the one we came to Australia on in 1952 as ten pound £ POMs)

passe une bonne journée

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